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User Feedback

I picked up the pamphlet, "Acid: LSD Today" at school a few days ago, expecting to get a good laugh out of it. I stuffed it into my pocket and forgot about it until that night. I opened it, expecting to find cold, stupid, informative gibberish...This was not so.

Most drug use/abuse pamphlets use the "scare" technique: tell the reader it lowers your sperm count, will kill you, land you in jail, etc. Surprisingly, yours used a tactic I had never seen before: Truth.

I had to read through the whole thing, looking for something to poke fun at, but found nothing. Then I decided to look for good points, since I found no bad ones. It was very informative and more sincere than any of the others. You not only told the usual -- what the drug will do to you -- but you told when/where/how it was discovered, a brief (but interesting) history of the drug, how it works, and the part I appreciated most was how to help a friend who is on a bad trip.

I just thought you might enjoy some feedback about your work from an ex-LSD user. Thanks for your truthfulness. -- JL, Lawrence, KS

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