The most visible (or, at least, the most audible) project Do It Now carried out in its early years was a series of radio public service ads centered around some of the the biggest stars in rock 'n' roll.

Focusing on a single topic -- the dangers of amphetamine abuse -- the words and sentiments expressed in the PSA's were the performers' own.

That's probably why they got through to listeners. These weren't slogans scripted by ad copywriters or bureaucrats. They were the authentic testimony of the counterculture itself and they spoke to the heart and head with humor and eloquence.

The spots featured many of rock's brightest stars of the period, artists whose stature even increased with the passage of time, including such legends as Grace Slick, Stephen Stills, Eric Burdon, Roger McGuinn, and Frank Zappa.

At the campaign's height, the messages were carried by 1,500 radio stations around the world.


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