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Bring 'em back alive! Directed at already-affected users and high-risk teens and young adults, Street Survival posters focus on preventable risks and remind readers of the real, and often overlooked, personal costs of drug abuse.


Wake-Up Calls. Designed for the workplace, Morning After posters describe signs of chemical dependency and direct users to treatment services. Space provided at the bottom of poster for agency name & contact info.


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I Want You...Safe, Not Sorry. Uncle Sam strikes a classic pose, making serious points about HIV & safer sex. For college audiences and older teens.


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Conceive, believe, achieve! A simple, but stiking, graphic theme highlights timeless words of courage, hope, and dignity from Emerson, Keller, and the Special Olympics.

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Three words. If you had to convey a deep, coherent philosophy of life in three words, you might start (and stop) with this timeless quote from Etienne Grellet.


Are you committed? Stirring words to live by, and an inspiring quote in a quote from Goethe. Adapted from W.H. Murray's The Scottish Himalayan Expedition.


Designed with young minds in mind! Hip 2B Square posters promote personal values and personal responsibility as key elements of character.


Striking images of magical everyday moments underscore the point in the text: We don't need drugs to get high. We need each other.


Save Sex! Innocent reminders that abstinence is the safest sex of all.

We can't all be Lebron, but we can all like ourselves--and be all stars in our own lives. Moment-of-truth imagery and text promote preparation, courage, and commitment.


If babies could, they would talk to moms-to-be about the risks of smoking, drinking, and caffeine use during pregnancy. These posters make serious points in a fun, yet fearless, way.