Star/Occupation Caused/Contributed to Death

.1..Marilyn Monroe, movie star .b) alcohol & pills
.2..Humphrey Bogart, movie star .h) smoking
.3..Jimi Hendrix, rock star .b) barbiturates
.4..Janis Joplin, rock star .f) heroin
.5..Elvis Presley, rock star .g) speed
.6..John Belushi, actor/comedian .d) cocaine & heroin
.7..Keith Moon, rock star, The Who .b) alcohol & pills
.8..Len Bias, basketball star .c) cocaine
.9..Kurt Cobain, rock star, Nirvana .i) suicide
10..Shannon Hoon, rock star, Blind Melon .f) heroin
11..Tupac Shakur, rap star/actor .e) gang violence
12..Notorious B.I.G.,  rap star .e) gang violence
13..Chris Farley, actor/comedian .d) cocaine & heroin

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