The Bear's reference, in the PSA, to "that old Annie" was to the much-heralded, much-mourned Annie in Canned Heat's now classic-rock radio standard, "Amphetamine Annie."

Excerpts from the first verse:

I want to tell you all a story
About this chick I know.
They call her Amphetamine Annie.
She's always shovelin' snow.

Things didn't turn out pretty or well for Annie in the song--or for thousands of other Annies in similar circumstances.

An example from a later verse:

But Annie kept on speeding.
Her health was gettin' poor.
Saw things at the window.
She heard things at the door.

Her mind was like a grinding mill.
Her lips were cracked and sore.
Her skin was turnin' yellow.
I just couldn't take it no more.

The conclusion--that Canned Heat drew and urged on their millions of listeners:

Your mind may think it's flyin', baby,
On those little pills.
But you oughta know it's goin' down fast
Cause speed kills!

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