Madison Avenue has always massaged the sexual appetites and socialization needs of audiences, but seldom as blatantly as in today's depiction of the 'good life' -- smoking, drinking, and scoring. Too bad they don't give equal time to the downside, but that probably would be bad for business. And, hey, everybody's gotta go some time, right?

1. Skyy Blue

21. Best answer: God only knows!

And He ain't talkin' to nobody, but Oral Roberts!

Explanation: Some of the companies on this page are privately owned, which means that the only people who really know how much they rake in are their accountants (and they're not talking) and the IRS, which is prohibited by law from talking.

Others, including the tobacco companies, are owned by huge multinational conglomerates, and they're not interested in publicizing how much they make from products that cause addiction and other major health problems.

So, when it comes to guessing how much the advertisers on this page make from their products, your guess really is as good as ours.

But you can bet it's enough to keep them in the 'good life,' if not all of the "little people" who make their empires possible.

2. Camel Filter Cigarettes
3.   Bacardi Limón 
4. Bacardi Rum 
5. Tanqueray Gin
6. Camel Cigarettes
7. Jim Beam Whiskey
8. Skyy Vodka
9. Bacardi Rum 
10. Lucky Strike Filter Cigarettes
11. Kahlua Liqueur
12. Skyy Vodka
13. Camel Filter Cigarettes
14. Lucky Strike Filter Cigarettes
15. Kool Cigarettes
16. Camel Cigarettes
17. Hennessy Cognac
18. Kool Cigarettes
19. Pearl Vodka
20. ... Bacardi Rum

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