Drug Proofing the Family: How to Raise 'I'm Okay' Kids in a 'No You're Not' World
 Authors:   Erica Wittenberg & Jim Parker

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Chapter 1: Choices

Chapter 2: Facts & Values

Chapter 3: Kids & Drugs

Patterns of Use...........

  • Experimental use
  • Integrated use
  • Excessive use
  • Psychological/physical dependence
  • Chapter 4: Family Values

    Why Kids Experiment

  • Curiosity
  • Feeling included socially
  • Dealing with strong feelings
  • Being grown up, establishing a separate identity
  • Filling and killing time, and adventure
  • Be a Positive Role Model

    Chapter 5: Red Flags

    In Grade School

    In Junior High School

    In High School

    If Your Child Is an Adult

    If Your Child Needs Help

    Chapter 6: Drugs Today


    Alcohol & Depressants

    Heroin & Other Narcotics


  • Caffeine
  • PPA/Phenylpropanolamine
  • Ephedra
  • Herbal 'Ecstasy'

  • Cocaine & 'Crack'

    LSD & Other Psychedelics

  • LSD
  • MDMA/Ecstasy
  • Psilobycin mushrooms
  • Peyote Cactus
  • Inhalants

  • Solvents
  • Aerosol Sprays
  • Nitrites & Nitrous Oxide
  • Chapter 7: Starting Points

    Appendix: Resources

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